digital innovation and new technology

If you join our community, we can help you create results with digital innovation and new technology


What is InfinIT?

InfinIT is an innovation network with the purpose of helping Danish companies and organisations achieve results with digital innovation and new technology.

We are the meeting point for Denmark’s most competent specialists in digitisation and datadriven business development.

Join our network and get inspiration and professional feedback on ideas or help to develop projects together with the most competent experts in the country. You can join the network by signing up for one or more thematic groups to receive news and invitations to relevant events.


By signing up to one of our thematic groups you can get free access to a wide range of activities

How to work with us

By signing up to one or more of InfinIT's thematic groups, you will get access to a wide range of activities spread over three different activities:

  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Matchmaking
  • Projects

Our activities are organised in the following thematic groups:

In these groups you will meet companies, public institutions and researchers and exchange knowledge, ideas and contacts. This often results in both commercial tasks and participation in publicly funded development projects.

Knowledge transfer

Get inspiration and the latest knowledge about the technologies and disciplines that we work with.


Work in depth with ideas and opportunities. You can participate in co-creation workshops, masterclasses and other events, where companies meet professional experts and work together to solve a common challenge.


You may initiate a limited project. Get advice and financial support for specific collaboration projects. You can apply for financial support in collaboration with the partners in InfinIT.