Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium:
Marketplace Session

Share your solutions for smart and liveable cities

“How can we make cities more liveable using digital technology?”

InfinIT and Smart City Cluster Denmark invite you to a Marketplace Session, which is part of the two-day Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium.

At the Marketplace Session, companies and stakeholders who have great ideas for the future smart and liveable cities get the opportunity to promote their solutions to the cities who need them.

Six Nordic cities, including Stavanger, Copenhagen, Bodö, Trondheim and Fredensborg will present their challenges of becoming smart and liveable cities. And you will get a chance to meet the cities and present your unique solution to them.

The goal of the Marketplace Session is to match all your great ideas with the cities who have specific challenges. Solutions can be anything from IT hardware and software to urban design or events and concepts that can help cities become smarter and more liveable and valuable for their citizens.

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Want to present your solution?

If you have a solution you want to present at the Marketplace Session, please send an email to Lea Schick. This allows us to allocate time and space for your promotion, and we will include you in our solutions catalogue for the cities.

From idea to action – cities share your challenges

The Marketplace Session takes place from 12:00 to 13:00 and is part of the Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium session From Idea to Action – Cities Share Your Challenges organised by Gate21 and Nordic Edge.

Read more about the Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium below. As a Marketplace participant, you receive a 20% discount on your ticket for the entire two-day Symposium.

About the Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium and how to participate in the entire two-day event

How do we make cities more inclusive and sustainable? We put the Cities of the Future on the agenda in BLOX on May 20.-21. We have invited some of the world's leading experts from home and abroad to share valuable experience and empirical studies at the Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium.

Take part in setting the standards for our future cities!
The smart city concept has been around for some time, and digital technology is being incorporated by default in all new urban solutions. The purpose of Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium is to show cities and city planners in the broadest sense how to be at the forefront of developments and deploy digital technologies that serve the citizens efficiently and support sustainable urban development.

But how do we get there?
Learn much more at Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium:
– Two days and 50 speakers
– Keynotes, talks, exhibition of demonstration projects and much more!
– The event is held in BLOX, Danish Architecture Center and Danish Design Center

Read the entire Symposium Program here

Register for the two-day Prix Bloxhub Interactive Symposium at and learn more about your role in the cities of the future. As a Marketplace participant, you receive a 20% discount on your Symposium ticket. Use the code BLOXHUB-InteractiveMarketplace when you register.

Prix ​​BLOXHUB Interactive is a non-profit initiative supported by Realdania and developed by the Alexandra Institute, BLOXHUB and Ars Electronica.

Date and time

22 May 2019



Bryghusgade 8
1473 Copenhagen
3rd floor, room: Arena


Participation in the Marketplace Session is free.

As a Marketplace participant, you receive a 20% discount on your ticket for the entire two-day Symposium.

Read more about the Symposium in the grey box at the bottom of this page.


Lea Schick

Phone: +45 27 26 54 79

lea schick facilitator infinit arrangementer temagruppe

Lea Schick

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Lea Schick.


The marketplace session is hosted by InfinIT and Smart City Cluster Denmark.