Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 44

The Road Ahead to Ubiquitous 5G

It is well established that 5G will provide fast access to information and data. The full promise is availability of “fast, uniform, reliable and cost effective” connectivity anywhere, anytime for users on the move. Scenarios showing need and requirement in several industry verticals are demonstrated. To realize the promise there are, however challenges related generally to security, privacy and to sustainable business models for implementation with SME’s. With the deployment of 5G started in 2020, these challenges must be addressed.


WWRF being the leading platform for discussions and innovation at the global level is organizing its 44th meeting at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, from 29 June to 1 July 2020. Whether a hybrid physical/online or an online-only arrangement is realized depends on the health authorities and the global situation. Currently a hybrid solution seems most likely: some may participate physically; others can and will participate online, but WWRF44 WILL HAPPEN. Please sign up at www.wwrf.ch/wwrf44.html. You will be charged when we know the conditions regarding your choice.

The online part will use GoToWebinar.

Date and time

29 June – 1 July 2020


Aalborg University, Copenhagen

  • Focus your future strategies by discussing the views of industry leaders
  • Ease future standardisation by harmonising views at the research stage
  • Pick up the trends and new ideas in wireless communication
  • Share insightson research directions and visions to the Wireless World

Laura Møller

Tlf. 93 50 88 04

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Laura Møller

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