ONLINE Masterclass

The Internet of Hackable Things

This masterclass will give a security perspective on the ongoing Internet of Things revolution, showing how hackers can control our life if we don’t seriously take security into consideration.

Emphasis will be on the reasons why everybody should be concerned about security and should protect their IoT systems accordingly.

The masterclass will be driven by a significant number of examples of real-life IoT devices from different domains, such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart living, smart medical systems, and robotics.

The rise of connectivity, digitalization and robotics, combined with the race for bringing artificial intelligence into every aspect of our daily life, is rapidly changing our society and shaping its future development. In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is creating a world in which everyday objects are connected to the Internet, making computing pervasive like never before.

In this technological and societal revolution, cybersecurity has been too neglected. From a security and privacy perspective, this tsunami of connectivity represents a potential disaster, as each object becomes inherently remotely hackable and, as a consequence, controllable by malicious actors: a hacked robot or industrial machine or smart object can act as an insider threat in organizations, industries, public spaces, private homes and even within our body.

What will you gain from participating?

After the masterclass, a participant will be able to:

  • Discuss why cybersecurity is crucial in the IoT era
  • Provide a number of examples of IoT devices that have recently been hacked
  • Discuss the main vulnerabilities of nowadays IoT devices
  • Discuss some examples of key attacks to IoT devices, such as the Mirai malware and related botnet

Target audience

The masterclass is targeted at companies that build or use IoT systems, or that are thinking about implementing IoT in their business.

The masterclass is not meant for security experts but for researchers and practitioners in ICPS and IoT who want to get an introductory tutorial on IoT security.

The webinar is open to all and does not require any specific security background.

Date and time

9 June 2020

09:00 to 12:00 incl. breaks


Online meeting via Zoom.

Participants will receive further instructions later.


Participation is free

Laura Møller

If you have any questions about the masterclass, please contact Laura Møller.


The webinar is organised by Nicola Dragoni, DTU Compute, in the context of the CIDI project (Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry) and in collaboration with InfinIT.

About CIDI – Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry

Danish companies can strengthen their market position with new products and services based on IoT and industry 4.0 technologies. However, to reap these benefits, cybersecurity must be the number one priority. The aim of the CIDI partnership is to help Danish companies take a leading position in the market for secure smart products. CIDI is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation, and the project partners are: The Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology, DTU Compute and the IT University of Copenhagen. Read more about the strategic partnership here.